Terms and conditions of the Roxon hotel chain website
1. General
1.1. Parts of the site (as defined below) and these Terms and conditions are worded in male gender for convenience only, but everything stated in the T&C and the site is intended for both women and men.
1.2. Website: www.roxon.co.il 
(Hereinafter: "Site") is a website exclusively owned by A.M. Leshem Group Ltd. (hereinafter: "Company"). The site provides, inter alia, information about the Company's hotels (hereinafter "Hotels": Ramada Olivie Hotel Nazareth, Roxon Urban Hotel Ramat Gan, Roxon Sea Sand Hotel Bat Yam, Roxon Desert Arad, Roxon Red Sea Eilat and Roxon Heights Metula), the services provided by the hotels, prices, promotions, etc. Also, within the framework of the website, vacation packages may be purchased in connection with the Company's hotels and as detailed on the website, and subject to the provisions of these T&Cs.
1.3. Booking the said vacation packages (hereinafter: "Services") through the website may be done as detailed below. It is clarified that booking the services is a binding procedure for all intents and purposes and is equivalent to booking rooms by any other means, vis-a-vis the Company's Internet/bookings department.
2. Website terms of use:
2.1. Anyone who enters the site and/or anyone purchasing and/or who wishes to purchase services through the site (hereinafter: "User"), declares and undertakes that it is aware of these T&Cs, has read them, understood what is stated therein and agrees to its provisions, and that it and/or anyone on its behalf will not have any claim and/or lawsuit and/or demand directly and/or indirectly, against the Company and/or the site and/or any of its operators / or any of its owners and/or any of its managers and/or any of its employees and/or anyone on their behalf.
2.2. The user may use this website solely for the purpose of ordering and purchasing services and/or receiving information. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that it is prohibited to make any use of the site, except as specified in these regulations and that the Company reserves all its rights in this matter. It is clarified that illegal use of this website and/or the information contained therein violates copyright or other laws related thereto.
2.3. Anyone who owns a valid credit card from the credit companies listed below: American Express, MasterCard, Isracard, Visa, may purchase services through the website and payment for these shall be made at the hotel only upon arrival and the credit card is for security purposes only (except for non-refundable reservation). During holidays and peak periods, the chain may charge the cost of the vacation and/or the vacation package in advance.
2.4. The Company will not be responsible for the content and essence of information displayed and published on the site and on behalf of the Company, with regards to information originating from any third parties. And the user will not have any claim and/or suit and/or demand against the Company and/or the site as a result.
2.5. All images displayed on the site are for illustration purposes only - since the images are displayed on the user's computer screen and/or printed by the user from the computer display, differences and changes may exist between the appearance of the products in the image and their appearance in reality.
2.6. The site contains links (hereinafter: "Links") to other websites (hereinafter: "Linked sites"). The said links are for users’ convenience and for this purpose only. The Company is not responsible for the links and/or the linked sites and/or the information appearing therein, their validity, veracity and legality. Any use and/or browsing of links and/or linked sites is the sole responsibility of the user. In order to link and/or display the website www.roxon.co.il   on other websites, you must contact the Company to obtain its written approval. It is clarified that the Company may refuse to do so for any reason and without having to justify its decision.
2.7. The Company is entitled, at its sole discretion and without notice, to change these T&Cs from time to time, the site’s terms of use, the structure of the site, its content, appearance, including the scope and availability of the services offered, and any other aspect involved in the site and its operation. The said changes shall be in force from the date of their publication on the website, unless otherwise expressly stated.
2.8. The Company and/or the site operators and/or its owners and/or its managers and/or employees and/or any of them or those acting on their behalf, will not bear any responsibility for the server through which the site operates, including the server being free of viruses and/or other components which may damage the user's personal computer while browsing the site and/or purchasing services through the site and/or any other use of the site and the user will not have any claim and/or suit and/or demand towards the Company and/or any of the site operators and/or any of its owners and/or any of its managers and/or employees and/or anyone on their behalf in connection with such damages.
2.9. The Company is not responsible for damage of any kind and type which is caused as a result of failure and/or delay of any kind or type, as a result of using the site and/or attempting such use, including use for ordering services and/or obtaining information, and the user shall not have any claim and/or suit towards the Company in connection with the aforesaid.
2.10. The Company is not responsible for any illegal activity carried out, insofar as it is carried out, by any of the users of the site and/or any other entity over which it has no control.
2.11. The Company has the right to prevent or terminate a user's access to any part of the site and the user will not have any claim and/or suit and/or demand against the Company in this matter.
2.12. Any dispute and/or conflict in connection with these T&Cs and/or the website, if and when it arises, will be clarified in Israel, according to the laws of the State of Israel only and in the competent courts in the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa only.
3. Details of purchaser of services
3.1. A user wishing to purchase services through the website will be required to enter all the details as required on the website (hereinafter: "Details of purchase").
3.2. The Company is not responsible, directly or indirectly, with the exception of when purchase details are not registered in the system and/or due to any technical and/or other problem preventing the user from purchasing services through the site.
3.3. The owners of the site and/or any of its operators and/or any of its owners and/or any of its managers and/or any of its employees and/or anyone on their behalf will not be responsible for an error made by the user in entering purchase details, including but not limited to error in choosing the vacation package, date, number of beds, meals and any other service booked by the user through the site and the user hereby declares that it will not have any claim and/or suit and/or demand in this matter.
3.4. It is hereby clarified that the submission of false purchase information is a criminal offense and that the Company will be entitled to take all the measures available to it under any law against submitters of false information, including tort claims for damages that may be caused to the site, its operators and/or anyone on their behalf.
3.5. The site is intended for bookings by private customers, in individual settings and is not intended for group bookings of more than 5 rooms in the same hotel simultaneously.
3.6. The Company may not approve the booking request for any reason, at its sole discretion and without being required to justify its decision. And the user will not have any claim and/or suit and/or demand against the Company in this matter.
3.7. Credit card promotions: It is clarified that in collaborations made between the chain and credit card companies (such as Visa, American Express, Isracard, etc.) that provide a discount and/or benefit to the customer, the customer must pay with the credit card that entitles its holder to a discount on the transaction price ("Qualifying card") in accordance with the terms of the cooperation. A transaction made with a credit card other than the qualifying card will be charged at full price. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that owning a qualifying credit card or presenting it at a hotel does not entitle the holder to the discount and that payment using the qualifying credit card is a condition for receiving the discount and/or benefit.
4. Changes and cancellation of bookings:
4.1. Changing a booking: A change in an existing booking cannot be technically performed directly on the website. A customer who has placed a booking and wishes to change it, will do so via email: [email protected] or by calling *9410 / 972-9-8867782.
4.2. Cancellation of a booking: A customer who placed a booking through the website will receive a username and password with the booking confirmation. A booking executed on the website may be canceled by delivering a "cancellation notice"; Cancellation of the booking will be possible from the "My Orders" tab located at the bottom of the home page, the customer will be required to enter the username (email address) and password received in the appropriate place along with the booking confirmation. Following the entry of a username and password, the cancellation of the booking will be possible using the “Cancel” button, this provided if the booking meets the cancellation terms in the price list. Cancellation of the booking is contingent on a cancellation policy defined in the T&Cs.
4.3. Cancellation policy: Cancellation of a booking made up to 48 hours prior to arrival at the hotel will not be charged. Cancellation of a booking made less than 48 hours prior to arrival at the hotel will be charged as a one night stay. During July-August and Israeli holidays, a cancellation of a booking made less than 7 days prior to arrival at the hotel will be charged as a one night stay. In the event of non-arrival at the hotel without submission of a notice of cancellation - the entire cost of the stay will apply. If the booking does not meet the cancellation policy, and the cancellation button does not appear in "My Bookings", please contact the bookings department on *9410 / 972-9-8867782 or by sending an email to: [email protected]. For further queries, requests and inquiries, please leave a message in "Contact Us" or call our bookings center at *9410 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
***During the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be changes in the cancellation policy, in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines, the green pass or any other directive.
4.4. Initiated order cancellation: The Company may not confirm the booking or cancel it, for any reason - within 3 business days from the date of the booking. In any case of cancellation and/or non-confirmation of the booking made at the initiative of the Company, the Company will notify the customer in writing. In the event of non-confirmation of a booking by the Company - no charge will be made for the cost of the booking. If a booking is cancelled by the Company - a full refund of the cost of the booking will be made, in the event that the said booking was actually charged, to the same payment method used for the booking in question. The customer waives in advance any claim against the Company in this matter.
4.5. We do everything in our power to maintain the customer's confidentiality and undertake not to transfer credit details to a third party but by a court order.
4.6. "Cancellation of a transaction is performed in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of a Transaction), 5771-2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981"
A booking may be canceled (depending on the cancellation terms) by registered mail, by fax 09-8648400 or verbally at the hotel, all in consideration of the cancellation policy and subject to providing full identifying details of the booking: hotel name, customer name, date of stay and booking confirmation number.  
5. Receipt and vacating of rooms:
Receipt of rooms: check-in from 15:00. Check-in on Shabbat and holiday evenings approx. two hours after the end of Shabbat/holiday. At the Ramada Olivie Nazareth, check-in on Shabbat and holiday evenings from 15:00.
Leaving rooms: by 11:00 and on Shabbat/holiday by 14:00. At the Ramada Olivie Nazareth, check-out on Shabbat and holiday evenings until 11:00.
Arrival or departure before or after the above hours is subject to prior approval and incurs additional payment at the sole discretion of the Company.
6. Ownership and Copyright
6.1. The copyright in the site and any other module associated with the site are the exclusive property of the Company only.
6.2. No information appearing on this site or part thereof may be copied, distributed, published, sold, photographed or modified without the Company’s written consent. This provision applies whether the information or part thereof is owned by the Company or by a third party.
6.3. The Company reserves all copyrights on the site, exclusively and it reserves the right to shut the site or change it at any time, at its sole discretion.
7. Miscellaneous
7.1. The number of spaces in the Company's hotels is limited and booking is based on availability only.
7.2. The Company is entitled to cancel or modify the terms of receipt of the bookings, as well as all prices published on the website at any time and the user will have no claim and/or suit and/or demand in this matter, including following the placing of the booking. Even if the Company demands an extra price from the user after placing the booking.
7.3. The prices published on the Hebrew website are for Israelis only and in new shekels and include VAT after discount and are weighted.
7.4. Wherever the prices are stated on the website in dollars, the amount to be paid will be calculated according to the representative dollar exchange rate set by the Bank of Israel on the date of payment, the date of booking through the website or the start date of the hotel stay, whichever is the highest.
7.5. No duplicate promotions or discounts are possible.
7.6. The stay at the hotel will commence at 15:00 on the first day specified in the booking to 11:00 on the day of departure.
7.7. Booking and accommodation for children and youth under the age of 18 will be possible when accompanied by an adult over the age of 21 who will be staying at the hotel during the entire holiday.
7.8. With regards to a stay at the hotel - a baby is deemed a person up to 2 years old and a child is deemed a person aged between 2-12 years, who is also charged.
7.9. The user must ensure the veracity of the data and the accuracy of the details entered when booking. The Company will not be responsible for any errors of any kind and type made by the buyer when entering the details of the purchase, including an error in choosing the hotel, date, number of beds and any other service ordered by the buyer through the site.
7.10. In order to link or display the website www.roxon.co.il on other websites so that the website will be a "linked web site", written approval must be obtained from the Company.
7.11. The images of rooms/hotel in the website below are for illustration only.
7.12. It is forbidden to bring animals into the hotel, with the exception of guide dogs upon presentation of a vision impairment certificate.
7.13. The pool of Roxon Urban Ramat Gan are seasonal only.
7.14. It is forbidden to remove equipment out of the guest rooms. Private towels must be used for water sources outside the hotel property.
7.15. Smoking is prohibited in the hotel area except for permitted places.
7.16. The user undertakes in its name and in the name of all other guests on its behalf to maintain and not cause any intentional and/or negligent damage to the hotel, including to all the equipment therein. The user confirms that in the event of any damage, the above credit card will be charged the full cost of the damage.