Why wild horses and the Roxon vision

So why wild horses?
The best known wild horses are the mustangs that live in Nevada and several states in the western US. Free and especially beautiful horses. The herd lives in the open pasture, in the eternal nature, freedom horses, a creature of love, with emotional characteristics of kinship and mutual concern. The horses in the herd are of different colors, but acquire respect for diversity, as we all strive for gender and human dignity.
Freedom horses are fast, move safely in the wind and gain respect for life together. Intelligent horses, phenomenal lovers who protect their environment and the harmony of the herd.

Inspired by the wild horses, the vision of Roxon hotels was written:
At Roxon Hotels, we are committed to creating happy moments and new experiences for you.
We are here with an open heart to change, to improve, and to surprise, driven by our love for people.
You are the most important ambassador in helping us make the Roxon vision come true.
And we will always strive and promise to justify your faith in us, the staff and management.

We will always aspire to be another significant experience in the story of your life.