The hotel pool is half covered and the other half is under the sky and overlooks a beautiful desert view.
The pool is seasonal, closed in the cold season and will open in the spring of 2024.
Around the pool are sunbeds and seating areas.
And next to it is the snack bar, which also has a variety of seating areas, for the enjoyment of the guests.
Opening on 15.4.24

Reception and Lobby

The hotel lobby is divided on three levels: the reception is located on the entrance level and from there there is access to the elevators of the main building.
The lobby bar which offers a dairy menu and a variety of drinks located on the upper level, near the fireplace and elegant seating areas.
Additional seating areas is located in the lower level lobby, this level may also be used for events. 
Between the levels there are elevators for the convenience of people with mobility disabilities.
The lobby bar will open on 15.4.24.


The hotel area includes parking spaces for guests, parking is based on availability.

Hotel Restaurant

The main restaurant is decorated in an American diner style.
The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner to hotel guests and visitors who are not hotel guests. The meals are buffet style. The hotel is kosher.

Snake Bar

The Snake Bar is located near the pool and is a very spacious space that includes seating areas of several types: sitting around a table, low armchairs and bar stools along the wall.
Events can be held in the snack bar. The snake bar is seosonal and will open in the spring. 
Opening on 15.4.24

Kids Club

Coming soon


Is located in the hotel and includes about 40 seats for men, up to 70 seats by adding chairs and for women about 25 seats.
For Shabbat there is a candle lighting station, a Shabbat elevator and a Shabbat key. The hotel's kosher is strictly rabbinical.


Guests enjoy large lawns with a spectacular view of the desert.
Please notice, it is forbidden to light a fire/grill in the hotel area and on the lawns.